The Impacts Of COVID-19 On Alcohol Sales, Delivery And More

There has been an increase in the sales of alcohol over the last few weeks, in large part, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. This virus is quick to spread, and the best possible way to avoid it is to not have any physical interaction or contact with others. This is why more and more people have been looking to buy liquor online.

There is a wide range of delivery service providers out there, so it is now easy to have alcohol shipped right to your doorstep. It seems people have realised that they could purchase alcohol from the internet, meeting the regulatory guidelines regarding the novel coronavirus.

One of the instructions has been to remain at home and head out only for essentials. This has contributed much to the growth of online alcohol sales. It was up 384% in the week that ended on April 11, 2020, about 30 days following shelter-in-place (SIP) orders started to kick in due to the epidemic. In the week before it, e-commerce sales of alcohol increased 441%.

Going by what experts say, these are a sign that the online alcohol sector is the quickest growing industry. People are remaining at their residences, and they are turning to online-based delivery for an obvious reason. Interestingly, people who stocked up alcohol in the earlier weeks are drinking it with their friends that join them through virtual conferencing applications. The situation has also given birth to some virtual wine tasting services that operate over the internet. These wine businesses have also cached in on the rare situation enforced by the pandemic, boosting online wine sales.

As per the US-based CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the chance of the virus spreading from foods or packaging is low, when compared to direct contact with an infected person. Anyhow, you must take the right precautions when receiving a delivery from a courier service provider, or handling products that are shipped online. Two of the necessary precautions are wearing gloves, and sanitizing the delivered product package. This is because anything one touches might just be a fomite that contributes to the virus spread. This means even the package might be it, so be sure that you take the appropriate precautions before and while opening it.

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