Must-Know Facts About Bacardi

Bacardi is one of the more successful and easily stand-out rum brands across the globe. You may know a couple things about how to make the perfect mojito but we are going to dole out some quick facts that’ll make you realise that have seen just the tip of the iceberg.

The rich history and quality of their product is what made this the go-to rum brand survive the test of time. So read on while you prepare another glass of Bacardí Carta Fuego& rum and consider yourself enlightened about the prolific rum you never really knew.

The Name Is Not From Where It Seems

Bacardí is not Puerto Rican Rum as the labelling indicates. The brand was initially founded in Cuba, and the only reason it got Puerto Rican label is because of communism.

Rum Was Considered “Trash” Before Bacardí Stepped Into The Ring

Rum was considered as a trash product. As a matter of fact, 17th century sugar producers were left with the headache of disposing the leftover molasses. They used to dump the leftovers in to the ocean, before someone figured out how to ferment it.

Bacardi And Communism

Started in the sugarcane plantation of the beautiful island country of Cuba, the revolutionary rum brand was driven out by the leader Fidel Castro. Upon dethroning the Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista, Fidel felt that it was against communist principles to let private industries run freely in the country.

Havana Club Took The Place Of Bacardí In Cuba

Once the company took flight from Cuba, the building was seized and handed over to produce the national rum of Havana club.

Bacardi Had A Score To Settle

After moving to Puerto Rico, Bacardí extensively began expanding by purchasing many other companies as well like Dewar’s Blended Scotch whisky, Bombay Sapphire gin, and Grey Goose vodka among many others. It had to expand and grow to take on one of the most prominent communist governments in the world.

On settling down, Bacardí began siphoning off a considerable portion of their revenue to help forces overthrow the communist government. That is exactly what happened in the end; the end of communism in Cuba and their dear old friend, Fidel Castro.

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