Most Impressive BIM Projects Around The World

The architecture and construction world is quickly moving towards intelligent, 3D modeling for the designing, building, and operations of a construction project. It is observed that Building Information Modeling (BIM) can help in improving the efficiency and accuracy of every construction phase at a lower cost. BIM is becoming increasingly popular among civil engineers and architects around the world.

Today, thousands of buildings around the world are constructed with BIM. Some of the efficient BIM construction include Shanghai Tower, Randselva Bridge, etc.

Here are some of the most impressive BIMprojects around the world.

Alto Tower

The Alto Tower is one of the most efficient BIM construction. The Alto Tower is located in Paris, where ground-level space is at a premium. The top floor of the Alto Tower is thrice the ground floor. Building Information Modeling helped to create detailed digital models that helped to ensure that the technical synthesis is reliable, especially for the smoke extraction system.

Oakland International Airport

The turner construction company utilized BIM for the construction of a $26 million central utility plant for Oakland International Airport. The company utilized BIM technology to ensure that there won’t be any conflicts between the electrical and HAVC systems. They used BIM technology for creating the 3D model as well as to keep the project on schedule.


This new high frequency and capacity railway in London utilized BIM technology to keep the project on schedule and stay on the budget. The Crossrail project was one of the most challenging and complex infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom. The BIM technology helped to coordinate logistics on every aspect of this railway project.


Many experts are considering WIZDOM 101 as one of the great projects completed with BIM services. This sustainable smart city in Bangkok is designed to help the residents to lead healthier and efficient lives with the help of technology and innovation. The design and building team of the project used the BIM technology to develop and ordinate the design of the city. Eventually, they extended the services of the technology to help reduce the material costs.

Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland is one of the places that your kids want to go to desperately. Therefore, it is important to build it kid-friendly and environmentally-friendly. That is why the design and building team turned to BIM. The main castle was designed entirely in 3D. The designers have revealed that using BIM technology helped them to share models easily and also help to coordinate workers in multiple locations.

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