Are You Fed Up Of Slow Internet Speeds?

There doesn’t go an hour where we do not reach into our pockets and reach in for our phones. Phones have become the pivotal technological innovation of the 21st century and the flexibility that it offers is miles beyond anything else. Often when combined with the vast resources of the internet, the handheld smart phones become a mobile, library that doubles as a home theatre, digital map and anything else you can possibly imagine.

Most mobile phone users however suffer at the hands of terrible reception. You never get a notification or a heads up as to when you may be struck by the slow and dastardly slow internet speeds. It can happen to any phone, old or new and to any network provider. The solution for many is to scream into the phone while talking to the other person on the line, or raise hands in the air like you are summoning the gods for a shower of rain.

Most of the time, you are left with subpar results and are left furious over the reception signal…or the lack thereof.

The long-standing solution to this problem has been 3G repeaters. Mobile repeater or cell phone boosters are devices that do exactly as they are named as- to boost cell signal. Your cell signal traverses distance and through various landscapes/obstruction that weakens and absorb the cell signal. When this happens, the cell signal that eventually reaches your phone does its job poorly and your phone struggles.

A cell signal booster works by capturing these weak cell signals and then boosting them up by means of the amplifier that comes as part of the package. The boosted signals are then broadcasted within your car, your home, your office space, wherein your phone or multiple other cellular devices can connect to it. Since the signals are restored to their original amplitude, in most cases, your reception woes are taken care of.

All of this is a one-time investment and you can use it for any network carrier or cell phone. Since it means an effective end to your problems and a long-lasting solution at that too, cell signal boosters are revered as the solution. You needn’t look elsewhere and these can last you well over 6 years.

If you have had enough and want an end to it all, then go and get yourself a cell signal booster. Chances are that you will be more than surprised at the results!

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