Seeking Compensatory Damages for a Car Accident Injury as a Passenger

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Car Accident Injury

Each time one gets into a car, they being passengers put trust and safety on the shoulders of their driver. In spite of all safety precautions they may take, car accidents can still take place for different reasons.

It can be confusing to be involved in one as a car passenger. You may not understand which insurance company to approach for financial compensation. Claiming compensation amount for the injuries you sustained may be more complex when the accident occurs when ridesharing.

Determining the Driver to Blame for the Accident

It can be both challenging and time-consuming to determine which party was at fault for the two-car crash. For a passenger in a car accident, proving liability will still be relatively less tricky than for a driver.

Filing an injury claim is akin to filing other kinds of auto accident claims. The difference between both is that except if it is clear who is at fault for the collision, you will need to file it for financial compensation claims against each of the parties involved in it.

Filing an Injury Claim Naming the Insurer of the Other Driver

Usually, the first option when pursuing compensation amount as a passenger is to file a claim against that driver and trigger their insurance coverage.

In nearly every US state, drivers must have minimum insurance coverage. In the state of California, the minimum they are required to have for a person is $15,000 for their bodily injury liability insurance coverage, which is $30,000 for multiple individuals.

There are occasions when the other auto driver’s insurer refuses to pay you compensation except if a clear at-fault driver is there. A lawyer can help you secure compensation amount or a financial settlement without having to wait months to find out the responsible one.

Filing a Claim Naming your Driver’s Insurer

It may be not comfortable for you to pursue an injury compensation claim against either a family member or friend who was behind the wheel. Keep in mind that you are not suing that car driver/loved one or going after his or her money, but you are seeking a valid injury claim from his or her insurance company.

If you were using a ridesharing service, then you may have to file two claims – one against that company driver’s insurer and another against its insurance provider.

An experienced personal injury lawyer from California can give the guidance you require and facilitate a much smoother negotiation to make sure you get compensation.

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