Instances When a Homeowner is Held Liable for a Slip and Fall Case

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Slip And Fall Case

Slip and fall cases are one of the most common causes of injury in most places; let alone the case of the United States. It can happen anywhere at any time. Usually, slip and fall cases are likely to occur as a result of the negligence of the property owner. Anyhow, some people tend to rush out of the premises as soon as they encounter such an accident, mainly out of embarrassment.

Note that this step can keep you from fighting for your rights. While some slip and fall victims end up with mild injuries, some people are likely to suffer fatal ones. Things tend to get worse if the victim is an elderly person since the impact of the fall on their health will be relatively high. Apart from injuries, the slip and fall accident victims are likely to suffer from financial hardships as well because of the injuries.

Have you been a victim to slip and fall accident that took place at someone else’s property? If so, you are eligible to sue the property owner. If you are wondering about the instances when you can hold a homeowner liable for your physical and financial sufferings that resulted from a slip and fall accident, a detailed explanation is given below.

When Can you Hold a Homeowner Liable for Slip and Fall Accident?

To hold a homeowner liable for the slip and fall accident that you are involved in, you will have to prove the negligence or liability of the defendant in court. Unlike other accident cases, this step is not that easy when it comes to slip and fall. After all, the cause of most slip and fall cases will be different and even an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer might find it challenging to prove the liability.

To prove the liability of the defendant, a personal injury lawyer will have to prove the following things in court.

  • The slip and fall injuries are caused as a result of the dangerous situations prevailing at the property
  • The dangerous conditions are caused because of the carelessness of the homeowner
  • The conditions were prevailing at the property for an adequate period of time and the homeowner could have taken some actions before the slip and fall accident.

In short, the homeowners can be held liable for a slip and fall case if your personal injury lawyer can prove that the dangerous conditions prevailing for a sufficiently long time at a property caused the accident and the owner was negligent to take necessary actions. Some of the common instances when a homeowner can be sued are listed below.

  • Crumbling or uneven steps
  • Slippery floor
  • Not keeping the driveway safe
  • Not roping off yard work or house construction
  • Broken railing
  • Unlit steps, walkways, or driveways
  • Malfunctioned motion-activated lights at driveways or walkways.

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