How Does Texting and Driving Cause Accidents

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Distracted driving is one of the major reasons why accidents happen on the roads in California. The drivers tend to multitask while they are driving, and this ends up in otherwise avoidable accidents. Texting while driving is one of the main forms of distracted driving.

Generally, there are three types of distracted driving. They are the visual, manual, and cognitive types of distracted driving. In texting and driving, all these distractions are in action. A person, who is texting while driving, is visually distracted because his eyes are on his phone and not on the road. He is distracted manually because his hands are off the wheel. He is also cognitively distracted since his mind is not on driving but the text, he is sending.

Estimates say that distracted driving causes 1000 injuries and 9.5 deaths every day. This shows that texting and driving forms, a larger part of cases involving distracted driving.

Accidents That Can Happen Due to Texting While Driving

Different types of accidents may result from a driver getting distracted by texting while he is driving.

  • There is a high chance for rear-end collisions to happen. If your eyes are on your phone, you might not see a truck parked in front of you and may end up crashing under the truck. Otherwise, you may not see a car that is stopped at the front and may crash into it at a very high speed.
  • At an intersection, with the eyes fixed on your phone, you may run a traffic signal and may hit at the side by a car, which is going perpendicular to you. This crash can be very detrimental.
  • The chances to drift into the oncoming traffic are very high when you are looking at the phone for a long time.
  • Pedestrian accidents are very common when the phone distracts the driver. He might not observe the pedestrian who is crossing the road and may hit the accelerator, thereby crashing the pedestrian under the car.

Penalties for Texting While Driving

Since the danger of distracted driving is very high, many states of the United States have passed laws imposing penalties for disobeying the law. In the state of California, no driver is allowed to receive or send messages on his phone while driving. If caught, the penalty will be twenty dollars at first, and fifty dollars the second time. However, depending on the assessment of the crime, the penalty may increase.

If you have been injured in a distracted driving accident in California, consult a personal injury attorney to know about the compensation that you are entitled to receive.

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