Top 5 Car Accident Faults in California Lawsuit

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Car Accident Faults

Based on the California accident law, every road accident occurs due to negligence. A party can be held responsible for your accident-related losses if the court finds that the accident occurred due to that party’s negligence. Every driver has the legal duty to operate his or her vehicle in a safe manner to prevent mishaps to others. If a driver acts in a reckless manner and causes accident, he or she can be found to be negligent and thus guilty. Some of the negligence that fall under the California accidents law can be.

  • Distressed Driving – Oftentimes the major reason for car accidents to happen is distracted driving. Texting on the phone, listening to music in high volume, handling children at the back seat or eating could lead to major accidents. Many a times we are completely unaware of our surroundings, thinking about work or personal problems which leads to road accidents. Thinking about the numerous ways in which a human life could be at stake forces us to give complete focus on the road.
  • Rash Driving – California roads are well known for traffic. Competing with other vehicles like over speeding and unnecessary overtaking must be avoided. Remind yourself that public roads are not a racing track and hence must not lose your cool. Moreover when a child or an older person is accompanying, safety must be given high priority.
  • Breach of Traffic Laws – The California Vehicle Code has hundreds of laws that can be violated. The standard breaches include speeding, running red lights etc. It is important to abide by the California road rules for a safe environment.
  • Inadequate or Defective Auto Parts – When a car manufacturer sells a vehicle or vehicle components that are defective, it could lead to road accidents. Parts that are commonly defective include brakes, airbags, tires etc. Finding a verified auto dealer is implied in safe driving etiquettes of California road safety.
  • Treacherous Roads – Government entities have a duty to keep the roads safe through inspection, maintenance, and repair. If potholes or other dangerous road hazards cause an accident, the government could be held liable for its negligence.
  • DUI – Most of us in our busy lives as a part of being social have a few drinks while we are out in a public gathering. But driving on the road after those moments would jeopardize the safety of others on the road. This can include driving under the influence of drugs, driving over the legal limit of 0.08 percent blood alcohol content, or driving while under the legal age limit.

These are some of the numerous examples of negligence that can lead to road accidents in California. If you provide sufficient evidence of the negligence of another party, that party will likely be found guilty for the accident and therefore responsible for your losses. Having a skilled accident injury lawyer with experience in injury litigation is inevitable.

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