Mistakes to Avoid after an Auto Accident in California

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Auto Accident Mistakes

After being hurt in an auto accident the way you respond can seriously affect the extent to which you will be able to recover from your damages. It is commonly observed that the victims of accidents, out of their ignorance commit some mistakes, which eventually lead to them not getting the appropriate compensation.

Along with your knowledge of what to do immediately after a car accident, you also should know the things you should not do after suffering injuries in an accident. This can help you and your car accident attorney in making a strong lawsuit against the driver at fault.

Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid if you ever meet with an auto accident.

Being Late in or Not Calling the Police

It is very important for police officers to come to the accident spot as early as possible. If you face an accident somewhere on the road, the first thing you need to do is to move to a safe zone. Then you must immediately call the police whether or not the other party does that.

The police cannot directly help in the lawsuit you file later, but there can be some benefit in their work. The police officer visiting the accident scene will make his report on the same. He will also take down the details of the witnesses. Photographs of the crashed vehicle will be taken at different angles. All these data collected by the police can prove to be useful to you later when you file the lawsuit. Sometimes the other party will be given a traffic ticket, which can be the starting point to prove that they are at fault.

On the other hand, if you do not call the police, the jury might have a suspicious eye on you.

Unnecessary Talks and Apology

After the accident, you need to be mindful of what you speak. Anything you may speak may be used against you in the lawsuit. It is a natural tendency to say sorry words after the crash. However, this is inadvisable because the lawyer of the opposite party may use these sorry words to act against you. It is better to keep quiet and allow your car accident attorney to do the talks. Do not think that your apology can solve things quicker and easier.

Failure in Collecting Evidences

The collection of evidence must be done on the spot of the accident. Even though the police officers who visit the scene will do that, there is a chance for them to miss some essential and important details. Hence, make sure that you make your version of the accident report and evidence. Gather the information about the witnesses so that the work of your car accident lawyer would be made easy. If you are seriously injured in the accident and is unable to do this, ask a friend or another person to do it for you.

Not Seeking Medical Help

Some skip the medical assistance thinking that they are not seriously injured. However, it is important to seek medical assistance after an accident to document the injuries. The jury will understand the seriousness of the injuries by looking at the doctor’s document of your injuries and treatment. Your claim and compensation amount will largely be affected by the injuries you suffered in the accident.

Trusting the Insurance Company’s Word Blindly

The insurance company will try its best to avoid giving you the right amount of compensation. They may either deny any compensation amount or sometimes may ask you to settle for a meager amount. It will be wise to consult with a personal injury lawyer to know if you are receiving the right amount as compensation.

Settling the Case Quickly

You might want to settle the case as early as possible to avoid spending more money and resources. In this way, you may get deceived. At first, the insurance company will offer only a very low amount and only if they understand that you are serious about the case, will they agree to pay a bigger amount. Therefore it is better to wait so that you will receive the right amount as your compensation.

Not Filing the Claim in the Allotted Time

According to the law, there is a particular time within which one has to claim if he has suffered injuries in an auto accident. The insurance company can take advantage of the ignorance of the victim and make him not to raise the claim in the time allotted for doing it.

Not Defending a Traffic Ticket

If the police had given you a traffic ticket, it is important to fight it. You may think of paying it off but it is better that you defend yourself against it. This can be of benefit in winning your case in the civil court.

It is good for you to seek the help of a car accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident so that he can guide you in the pursuit of your lawsuit.

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