Car Accident Lawyer

Important Things To Do After A Car Accident In California

Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents occur daily even though most of today’s cars have added safety features. According to statistics over 160,000 people are killed or injured in motor vehicle accidents in California. If you are a car accident victim in California, you will want compensation for your injuries and property damages. Most people fail to claim proper compensation because of the lack of proper evidence and unfamiliar laws.

This article will help you to understand the important things that you should do after you get involved in a car accident in California.

Check For Any Injuries

The first and important thing to do after you get involved in a car accident is to look for injuries in your body. If there are any injuries, immediately call for an ambulance. Even if there is no external injury you should do a thorough physical examination with the help of a doctor. Only a doctor can detect any underlying issues and provide a medical report. If you refuse to get medical attention, you are showing that you are not injured from the accident and thus are not entitled to any compensation.

Report The Accident

When the accident is the fault of the other party, most of the time they try to talk you out of involving the police and settling the accident on your own. The accident laws in California require that you should report car accidents that result in death, injury, and property damage over $1000 to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days. Failing to do so will forgo any compensation you could have received. Also, your license will also be suspended by the DMV.

Obtain Evidence

It is the job of a police officer to investigate the accident and collect all the information regarding the accident. But you can also help them in collecting the evidence. The police might take some time to reach the scene of the accident. Before that, you can takes photos and videos of the accident scene and look for any eyewitnesses and if they are willing to talk, obtain their written statement. Taking the photos and videos of the accident will later help you when filing for the compensation.

Call A Car Accident Lawyer

It is better to call an experienced lawyer for car accident injury claims. Usually, property damage claims can be managed without a car accident lawyer. But the accident laws and car insurance requirements in California are very complicated. You might need the expertise of a car accident attorney for understanding the laws and the insurance requirements. An expert car accident lawyer will help you to get the level of compensation you deserve.

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