Everything You Need To Know About Tire Blowout Accidents

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Getting involved in an accident will always be emotionally distressing irrespective of the severity of injuries or damages. Surprisingly, the number of road accidents is increasing with almost every passing year. While a wide range of factors contributes to accidents, tire blowout is one of the main reasons. Note that such accidents can happen within seconds and are likely to be extremely dangerous. Just imagine; you are driving relatively smooth and safely down the road and the tire blows out suddenly making your car twirl out of control.

According to some studies conducted in the field, around 9% of the accidents happened in the United States every year is because of tire blowout issues. Additionally, more than 750 fatalities are reported in the US in 2017 alone because of tire blowout accidents. Note that you are likely to go through many legal ramifications in such cases and it is recommended to hire the services of an experienced car accident attorney to represent your case in court. However, you are most likely to provide a fair settlement amount to the victims. Hence, you must be very careful when it comes to tire maintenance and below are some of the associated factors that you must consider in this case.

Tire Blowout Accidents

Every tire has a threshold after which it will break losing all of its air in a jiffy leading to catastrophic accidents. Note that it will be challenging for even an expert driver to regain control over the vehicle in such cases. Usually, most drivers tend to hit the brake hard to avoid accidents or control the car. However, this can make it difficult for other vehicle drivers behind them to control their vehicles causing multiple collisions.

Some drivers tend to jerk or over-correct the wheel as they hear the tire blowout sound and this can also lead to fatal accidents. In short, a blown-out tire makes it impossible for drivers to drive safely on the road.  To avoid such accidents, you must first understand the reasons for tire blowout and tackle it accordingly.

The Reasons for Tire Blowout

As mentioned earlier, a tire blowout can happen in a jiffy and drivers will not be warned or aware of the same in most cases. While you will be enjoying a smooth ride, your tire may go flat all of a sudden. Furthermore, tire blowout usually happens with a loud thudding noise distracting the vehicle driver as well as others on the road. Some of the major factors that contribute to tire blowout issues are listed below.

Potholes – tires tend to get damaged as they hit hard on potholes. Note that the sharp edges of potholes can puncture your car tire. Otherwise, the heavy impact or pressure change caused as the moving vehicles hits on a pothole can also damage the tires and pose a risk of blowout.

Under-inflated tires – the tires that are under-inflated or do not have enough air in it are highly susceptible to blowout when compared to tires that are inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Overloading the vehicle – if you accommodate only an adequate number of passengers in a car, it is unlikely to put heavy pressure on tires or damage them. On the other hand, if you overload your vehicle with passengers or heavy goods such as furniture pieces, it can put immense pressure on your car tires leading to blowout accidents. 

Manufacturer’s defect – sometimes, you will have to suffer from catastrophic injuries because of the manufacturer’s defect or carelessness. Some incredible manufacturers are likely to put out defective tires raising the chances of tire blowout accidents exponentially. It is to be noted that you can sue the vehicle manufacturers in such cases with the help of a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Small puncture damage – the tires of your car or any other vehicle are likely to get tiny holes on it over time. These punctures tend to leak air slowly making your tires to go under-inflated gradually. Most drivers often fail to notice such small punctures until the lack of air or pressure results in a blowout accident.

Fast slicing damages – if you run your vehicle over a substantially sharp object, it can damage your tires in the blink of an eye leading to deadly accidents. While you will be able to avoid it if the ongoing traffic is low and you are driving slowly, the chances are extremely low. Sadly, you cannot repair such slicing damages on your tires.

Tips to Avoid Tire Blowouts

Thankfully, modern tires feature better reliability and integrity when compared to ancientones. Even though this fact does reduce the risk of tire blowouts, it will not prevent such accidents entirely. However, you can practice the following safety tips to avoid such accidents.

  • Analyze the pressure of your tires regularly and make sure to keep your tires inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Replace your tires when you see signs of excessive wear and tear
  • Check for issues such as punctures or think whether or not you have to inflate tires frequently
  • Drive safely; note that distracted driving will keep you from taking the right actions in case of tire blowout accidents aggravating the results.

Never hit your brakes hard in case of tire blowout incidents since it can cause your car to spin or rollover. Rather, slow down carefully and steer your vehicle to a safer side of the road.

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