Can Not Wearing a Helmet Affect your Motorcycle Accident Case?

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In the United States, motorcycles are involved in a majority percentage of all road accidents. These accidents are very complicated as they can cause severe physical injuries and damages. One of the major causes of severe injuries in a motorcycle accident is not wearing a helmet. For this reason, there exist some motorcycle laws which force riders to wear helmets for their own protection. But some riders fail to wear helmets leading to severe head injuries at times of an accident.

Is Helmet Mandatory?

Wearing a helmet enhances the safety of riders. Protection from severe head injuries caused by motorcycle accidents is ensured by wearing a helmet. Along with the helmet, you can also use other safety equipment like safety goggles and protective shields.

Will Not Wearing a Helmet Affects your Compensation?

This is one of the common questions asked by motorcycle riders. A person who was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident still has the right to compensation. But the lack of a helmet will be used to prove your negligence in personal injury case by the opposite party. They will try to prove your failure in taking necessary precautions to avoid being injured. This may badly affect your case even if the accident was not caused by your fault. As a result, you may be forced to receive a smaller amount of compensation for your motorcycle accident case.

What are the Factors Affecting your Case?

Laws regarding motorcycle helmets in a personal injury case are bit complex. There are some factors related to wearing a helmet that can affect your case. Let’s have a look at these factors.

No Injuries to Head and Neck

If your head and neck were not injured in the motorcycle accident, then the lack of helmet will not affect your case. Even if the motorcycle law states that wearing a helmet is mandatory, you may get compensated for the injuries on limbs or back of your body.

Having Injuries to Head and Neck

If you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and were injured at the head and neck, the difficulty in getting the compensation will be high. In this instance, the court may find you partially negligent which may badly affect your personal injury case.

Get Help from a Motorcycle Attorney

If you were injured while not wearing a helmet, you may immediately seek the advice of an experienced motorcycle attorney. After the complete evaluation of your case, the attorney can help you by providing good legal assistance to proceed with your case.

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