What you Need to Know about Hit-and-Runs in California

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Los Angeles hit-and-runs are usually thought of as accidents that only occur to drivers. Unfortunately, these often involve cyclists and pedestrians and result in severe or fatal injuries. You must know that these accidents are regarded as a crime in California. The driver involved in it could just face criminal charges, in addition to claims brought by the plaintiff.

Why Hit-and-Run Accidents Lead to Such Severe Injuries

It is common to see severe injuries as a result of these accidents, involving bicyclists and pedestrians. Vehicles often drive at high speed and the bicycle or pedestrian has little to no protection from the auto. Besides suffering the impact of that automobile against their body, people will also come into contacts with the sidewalk, grass, or pavement. In other words, their body goes through the stress of the impact at least two times.

Why People Flee the Spot

Leaving the auto accident scene is a crime, but it still occurs all too frequently in LA and throughout the state of California. The reasons somebody may flee the scene include, but not limited to the following.

  • Being affected by drugs or alcohol;
  • The vehicle is stolen;
  • It had no insurance;
  • The driver does not have a driving license; and,
  • They have a warrant for an arrest.

Get Help after an Accident

Whether you are a driver, bicyclists, or pedestrian victimized by an accident of this sort, you should seek help as soon as you can. Do not go away from the scene of your hit-and-run to chase the other automobile because you have no idea who that person is. What if he or she is under the influence, has a warrant, or is too violent to be having a conversation about this? Contact 911 to report your accident, plus request police assistance. Then, note down all the things about the driver and vehicle you can recall. Look for any witnesses and get details about them, as well. Take photographs of the accident spot and of your injuries. If your physical condition is severe for this, then have someone else take the photos for you.

You must also seek medical attention, which is a standard procedure to follow no matter the type of accident one is involved in. Even if you do not see any external signs of an injury, there could be something internal. You never know, so seek medical care as soon as possible. Finally, look for an experienced hit and run accident lawyer who can fight for you and help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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