What Contributes to the Seriousness of Electric Scooter Accident?

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Electric Scooter Accidents

California roads are seeing an increasing number of electric scooters daily. Unfortunately, accident injury lawyers in California are finding themselves dealing with cases involving electric scooters increasingly. You might wonder how severe such accidents can be. Some of the factors contributing to the seriousness of these accidents are explained below.


An electric scooter enables you to ride at up to 15 miles per hour, which is beyond enough to bring about mild to severe injury accidents. The speed in which you ride it is just a small factor in the extent of potential damage in a collision.


The scooter size can also give you a misleading idea about the extent of damage. You cannot easily be visible or cannot solidly occupy an entire traffic lane on such a scooter, which makes an accident even more likely to happen. Visibility has been an issue for bicyclists and motorbike riders, who are always expected to be on public roads. However, these smaller scooters are relatively unexpected on city streets. These are a relatively new site for motor vehicle drivers to become familiar with.

Scooter Operators

To circumvent the busy traffic, several scooter riders will choose to move by twisting and turning. They will occasionally ride up onto paved paths for pedestrians to reach where they want to slightly more quickly – assuming that they ever make it there. Unfortunately, this behavior puts pedestrians and other drivers at risk. When riders leave their scooter amid a sidewalk, any person coming along could just trip over the vehicle. Noticing a normal-sized motorbike and walking around it is easier than doing the same when a smaller electric scooter is on the walkway.

Safety Gear

Too frequently, those who ride such scooters avoid wearing safety equipment or helmets to avert injuries should an accident happens. Unlike California’s law on motorbike helmet, the state does not have a specific law that mandates people over a particular age to put on the electric scooter helmet. When somebody riding a scooter hits people, they are unlikely to be using protective gear.

Severe Injuries Can Arise from Scooter Accidents

A scooter can go at slow speeds, but even then it can cause devastating, life-altering injuries. If a scooter rider crashes into you, then you can have broken bones, neck injuries, severe bruising, tissue damage, and severe brain injuries. Such injuries can be fatal, or can leave the injured one permanently disabled.

If you have been involved in an electric scooter accident, contact a personal injury attorney in California. He or she can help you handle the repercussions of it.

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