The Things That Help Ascertain Who Is To Blame for Your Car Accident

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Sometimes, it can be tricky to prove that the driver of a different vehicle was negligent, but not always. In some cases, determining who is responsible for the accident is rather simple. Here, we will touch upon some of these common scenarios where the fault is easily determinable. A successful accident investigation will usually necessitate gathering and evaluating not just evidence, but also locating and talking to witnesses. Occasionally, there is little doubt as to who contributed to or caused the accident.

Rear-End Crashes

If your car is hit from the vehicle behind, it is the responsibility of the trailing driver most of the time. The road customs necessitate that motorists keep sufficient distance between automobiles that will give the required time for sudden stops without making a collision.

Left-Turn Collisions

If an automobile is driving directly and another one that makes a left turn strikes hit, the latter vehicle is likely to blame. When there are clear damages to one auto’s front end and another’s front right-hand side, it is rather simple to substantiate such an accident case.

Police Reports

If someone calls law enforcement into the accident spot, the latter will generate a report. The cop’s notes, or any comment on traffic law breaches, will be helpful in finding out responsibility. The accident report has to record the event, plus having it as proof of this crash’s occurrence is useful. It generally includes insurance and personal details of the concerned driver(s) and their account of the crash, as well as witness details and their account. Ideally, the report should note any property damage and injuries, in addition to a diagram or drawing of the accident scene.


If a driver approaching without any intention to stop sideswiped your vehicle, or if you exited a shop and discovered that your parked car is damaged, witness testimonies will be significant. The statements of the third-parties will be a useful resource if the damaged happened when you were elsewhere or the at-fault one is not easily identifiable.

Video Cameras

Providing evidence through footage from video or security camerasis possible as well. Nowadays, security cameras are there at several business establishments, and these devices may have the accident footage. From the footage, one can obtain details about that offender, their vehicle model or make, and/or their number on the license plate.

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