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Rainy season in the state of California extends for a short time, most ideally from October to March. Hence, it becomes really dreary to drive on such slippery and wet roads in the season for those who are not so experienced drivers. Because of this very reason, the statistics of road accidents occurring in the rainy season is comparatively much larger than when it is not. These accidents also lead to grave personal injury cases.

The chances of vehicles involving in the collision are higher in the season due to the slippery nature of the roads in the rains that make it difficult for the drivers to control their cars or any such vehicles. Moreover, there are some other factors that can cause a grave situation on the roads for drivers. Below mentioned and elaborated are some of the major reasons ending up in serious road accidents.

Poor Visibility

During the rainy season, the major adversary of drivers in California could be that of the fog. The visibility of the drivers will be affected during the situation, especially to see the blind spots on the roads. Fog make the drivers indeed ‘blind’, as it makes really difficult to see clearly through the traffic that increases their possibility of getting involved in a collision of cars or any such automobiles.

Tremulous Driving

Some of the drivers unconsciously turn, either slow or timid drivers, resulting in overestimating the dangers of the roads in the rainy season. Accidents on the slippery roads can be averted by moving slowly, although the act is a ‘double-edged sword’. It is said so, as a nonsensically slow driver will be more prone to rear-end collisions by causing the other road users to drive with a definite safe distance.


Meanwhile, moving on the slippery roads with an unreasonable speed is even more perilous than being slow. During the rainy season, these paths become a gateway of fatal road accidents when the driver is operating his/ her vehicle in such hastening manner. The maximum speed limit in which a driver can operate a motor vehicle along a highway is 65 mph in accordance with the Speeding Law or California Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348. Whereas the speed limit of the state in the freeways is not more than 70 mph. During the wet season, drivers are always advised to follow these Vehicle codes to avoid many tragic mishaps on the roads.

To attain the personal injury claims in any such rainy season road accidents, you may seek the legal help of accident injury lawyers for both economic and non-economic damages.

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