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The number of truck accidents in the United States of America is increasing every year. Note that most truck crashes often result in catastrophic injuries such as spinal injuries, amputation, brain damage, compound fracture, etc. Sometimes, fatal truck crashes can result in death as well. Of course, this may affect the life quality of the victims as well as their family members. Hence, it is highly important to assess the issue and take preventive measures. For this, first, you must understand the causes that lead to fatal truck collisions. This will help the victims and their truck accident injury lawyers to determine whether or not the lawsuit is warranted. Plus, they can decide the chances of success. Note that California is a comparatively negligent state and hence, the compensation amount that you are entitled to you will depend on your share of fault in the accident. Some of the in-depth details regarding truck accidents are listed below.

The types of truck accidents

Not all truck accidents are alike. However, in most fatal truck accident cases, you can see a distinct pattern or some similarities, especially when it comes to eighteen-wheelers. Some of those common factors that can lead to devastating accidents are given below.

Jackknife accidents– in this case, the trailer of the giant truck is likely to skid at a 90-degree angle on other passenger vehicles.

Blind spot accidents – this type of truck accidents usually occur while changing the lanes. In this case, other vehicles on the road are likely to get hit hard or forced off the road

Rollovers – this is one of the fatal and common types of truck accidents. In this case, the truck may hit hard on other vehicles that make its trailer or the rig to turn over completely

Tire blowouts – when a tire blowout happens while driving, it can cause the driver to lose his control over the vehicle and may result in fatal accidents

Lost load accidents – As the name indicates, the cargo tends to leave the flatbed or trailer and falls to the roadways causing accidents.

Rear end collisions – in this case, the trucks tend to hit the rear end of the vehicles in front of it with an exponentially higher force when compared to a passenger car.

Head-on collisions – this is almost the same as that of rear-end collisions in which the collision exert much higher force when compared to a similar accident that involves passenger cars.

Under ride accidents – this is the most dangerous collisions in which smaller vehicles involved in the accident are likely to slide under the 18-wheeler trucks

What happens during a truck accident?

For a truck accident to be fatal or severe, the contact between the truck and other vehicles or any other objects is significant. According to a study conducted by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), physical contact played an important role in 88% of overall truck accidents. While trucks are reported to hit cars or other small vehicles in about 32%, the things are all way round in 22% cases. Additionally, it is reported that in 31% of cases, the injuries are caused by rear-end collisions. On the other hand, less than 2% of truck accident cases are reported under head-on collisions.

The cause of fatal truck accidents

There are numerous reasons that can lead to truck accidents and it can be different for different crashes. However, a study conducted in the field claims that most of the accidents occurred in the United States is because of drugs and alcohol usage. Note that this includes prescribed drugs as well. Some facts reported by such studies point out that;

  • 17% of truck crashes are caused by improper and over-the-counter drug usage
  • 8% of truck trailer accidents are caused by alcohol usage
  • Illicit drugs played a role in 3% of truck accidents
  • 26% of semi-truck collisions occurred because of prescription drug usage.

Other major factors that contribute to truck accidents are over speeding and driver fatigue. If documented in percentage, the former will be 23 and the latter will be 13.

The location and timing of truck wrecks

Your truck accident lawyer may ask you the details about the location as well as the time of the collision. Note that around 60% of truck accidents occur at crowded roadways and other metropolitan areas. Plus, there is certain timing of truck wrecks that may surprise you. According to some reports, the large truck collisions usually occur between noon and 03:00 pm. Similarly, most of the fatal truck wreckstend to take place on Mondays and Fridays.

Is it always the truck driver’s fault?

Besides, it is not necessary that the truck drivers are always held responsible for truck accidents. In most cases, the reason for truck collision will be something else like the fault of the other driver. Otherwise, truck maintenance failure such as tire blowout, brake failure, etc., can play a role.  Here, the trucking company will be held liable for the accident. Nevertheless, if the truck collision is caused by the negligence of the truck driver, it is likely to be more fatal and traumatic when compared to others.

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