How to Collect Evidence Post a Motorcycle Accident

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The number of people using motorcycles for their daily commutation is increasing every year. According to a study, more than 8.6 million private and commercial motorcycles are currently rolling on the roadways of the United States. Evidently, the chances for bike accidents are high because of this upsurge in the motorbike use. The report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US claims that around 5000 motorbike riders are killed and more than 88,000 riders are suffering from injuries because of road accidents every year. This explains the necessity of mastering all the road safety measures and the things to do if you get involved in a bike crash. For this, learn about the necessary steps to take right after the accident and the ways to collect evidence.

Note that bike accidents are likely to result in traumatic and devastating results. It is likely to affect your lifestyle, income, mental stability, and all. With significant pieces of evidence and the help of a credible motorcycle accident attorney, you can obtain enough financial coverage for all your physical injuries, loss of income, mental trauma, medical expenses, etc. However, you must seek medical attention for you and others involved in the accident at first. After that, make sure to collect all the necessary evidence, especially the evidence of damages and accident evidence. 

Accident Evidence

Accident evidence includes every piece of information that can be documented surrounding an accident. This is highly important to determine who is liable for the accident, especially in case of some confusing and murky accident cases. One of the main types of accident evidence is the witness. Note that if there are any witnesses to your accident, make sure to collect their name and contact information. They will be able to demonstrate the accident better and this will surely favor your case. Note that it is important to document all the information regarding the witnesses on the police report, particularly if the person is not present at the accident scene as you document the crash. Other factors that can be considered as accident evidence include;

  • Insurance and vehicle information
  • Photographs
  • Damaged property
  • Police reports
  • A written description of the accident

Evidence of Damages

As the name indicates, evidence of damages refers to documenting information about the damages caused by the accident. Unlike accident evidence, this is a long-term process and you may seek help from your injury lawyer for this. Some of the damages that are counted to determine the compensation in case of motorcycle accidents include;

  • The replacement or repairs of the damaged property
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Mental distress and trauma

To obtain fair compensation for all these damages, the victim must present the following proofs in the court.

  • Documentation of medical treatments
  • Property damages estimates and repairs
  • Proof of income and lost income

So, make sure you collect all possible evidences after a motor cycle accident to get the right compensation.

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