Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle Accident Causes

Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence in California. These accidents can often result in serious injuries for the motorcyclist and may even lead to fatalities in some extreme cases. A motorcycle accident can occur due to the fault of the motorcyclist or other drivers or pedestrians. Hence, determining the fault in such accidents is very important if you want to claim compensation when you or your loved ones get involved in motorcycle accidents. An accident injury lawyer will help you to find out the right party who is responsible for the accident.

There are some common causes for motorcycle accidents that are found to repeat frequently. Some of these causes are mentioned below:

Lane Splitting

California is one of the states that made lane splitting legal. Lane splitting allows motorcyclists to switch between different lanes in a slow moving or stopped traffic. This helps motorcyclists to bypass traffic jams. However, lane splitting is a common factor that often leads to accidents.

During lane splitting, a motorcyclist will get only a small space to maneuver between other vehicles and the proximity of motorcycles to other vehicles will be close, these two reasons are the main cause for accidents involving lane splitting. Also, other drivers will not anticipate the sudden movement of motorcycles in a slow moving traffic, hence this can also lead to accidents.

Over Speeding and Alcohol Use

Over speeding of motorcyclists and riding while impaired by alcohol are other common reasons for motorcycle accidents. Even though there are strict traffic rules to curb such activities, motorcyclists tend to ignore them. If these are the reasons for a motorcycle accident, then the motorcyclist will be liable for the accident. If you get involved in such an accident you can consult a motorcycle accident attorney for suing the motorcyclist for neglecting the traffic laws.

Collision on a Fixed Object

In most cases when a motorcyclist collides with other objects, he/she will be more likely to be get thrown away. If the motorcyclist was over speeding or was not wearing a helmet, then the severity of the injuries will be more. Such accidents are more fatal when compared to other motorcycle accidents.

Condition of the Road

Motorcyclist will be more affected by poor condition of the road than the passengers of any other vehicles. Its small size and unsteady nature often adds to the seriousness. Uneven height of the road, debris, potholes, wet or slippery roads etc. are the common conditions that commonly cause motorcycle accidents.

High Performance Motorcycles

Sport motorcycles and such high performance motorcycles can sometimes cause accidents. They will have high speed and advanced features when compared to ordinary motorcycles. This high speed can sometimes result in accidents that are really dangerous.

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