Choosing between Moissanite and Diamond Gemstones

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When French chemist Henri Moissan found moissanite in a meteor crater, he thought it was a diamond. This gemstone is named after its founder, Henri Moissan, and is strikingly similar to a diamond. Due to how much it resembles a diamond, moissanite became the most popular alternative to the hardest gemstone. It has been used as a diamond alternative in jewelry for a long time. Continue reading to know which one you may prefer out of the two.

Why You May Wish To Go For Moissanite

You may want to choose a moissanite ring over a diamond piece for the below-mentioned reasons.

  • It Is Less Pricey than a Diamond

For instance, you can find a colorless moissanite weighing one carat for $600 or so. Even one near-colorless diamond with comparable weight costs about $5,000 or so.

  • Extreme Brilliance

Moissanite has a higher refractive index than a diamond. This simply means it has more sparkle compared to a diamond. The sparkle is often rainbow-colored.

  • Ethically Made

Moissanites are not extracted from the earth. These gemstones are grown in controlled laboratory environments. Lab-made diamonds are also ethical, but some mined ones are not. Known as blood diamonds, these are the rocks mined in conflict-ridden areas and used to fiancé civil wars. The question of conflict does not even arise when choosing lab-made gemstones. This makes moissanite an eco-friendly center stone choice for your engagement ring.

Why You May Prefer Diamonds More

You may prefer a natural diamond to a moissanite gemstone because of the following reasons.

  • Your Girlfriend May Not Like Anything But A Diamond

The fact that a diamond is the ultimate token of love is entrenched in the minds of most women. So if your intended likes a diamond, then it may be hard to sway her interest by anything else. She may not feel that another gem is a good alternative.

  • White Sparkle

Unlike moissanites, diamonds do not glisten like a rainbow. Most diamonds have a stunning white sparkle. When you put a diamond under artificial light, it will give off white sparkle while reflecting rainbow colors onto other surfaces. If it is a fake diamond, those colors will be seen inside the stone rather than outside.

Bottom Line

Both diamonds and moissanites make stunning engagement ring center stones. Both these gemstones are a good option for your ring’s centerpiece. These are hard enough for daily wear, and will not break or scratch easily. If you must choose one, then consider the above factors to arrive at a decision.

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